guillemet_01guillemet_02A 1-kilometer-long alley leads us to a serene and peaceful estate. The castle of Grand Mouëys sits on a property of 170 hectares, which includes woods, gardens, and 50 hectares of vines, making it a historic wine estate from the old regime.

The castle and its surroundings are an idyllic retreat, a place where time seems to stand still and tranquility reigns. With its beautifully preserved grounds, it is a true haven for those seeking a peaceful escape.


Château du Grand Mouëys is located in the south-east of the Bordeaux wine region, belonging to the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux Appellation. Nestled in a hilly 170-hectare estate, the château has a long history and possesses great terroir.

The prestigious and mythical story of Château du Grand Mouëys dates back to the first century, a Gallo-Roman villa then. A medieval legend goes that the château was owned by the Templar Knights who buried fabulous treasure there …

By the year of 1868, Château du Grand Mouëys had already become a reputed Cru Bourgeois.

The vines are planted on the south-oriented hills, enjoying splendid sunshine and careful cultivation all year round. Low yields, strict selection, meticulous blending, and ageing in French new oak barrels guarantee the extraordinary quality of the wines.

The eminent wines have won more than 40 medals over the past decade, including the most reputed Bordeaux, Paris and Brussels wine awards, and have gained high evaluations in influential wine review guides such as Hachette and Decanter.

Surrounded by fantastic natural landscape, Château du Grand Mouëys is also an ideal venue for ceremonial events.

Starting from 2017, the Buchang Group, a publicly traded company, took ownership of Château du Grand du Mouëys. Our focus is on maintaining the time-honored traditions of Bordeaux winemaking while elevating the quality of the wines. This has been achieved through the retention of the experienced production team and the integration of cutting-edge techniques and modern equipment into our vineyard and wine cellar operations.

At Château du Grand du Mouëys, we strive to not only create exceptional wines, but also to promote a global exchange of culture by the intermedia of our great wine.




Winery and cellar Facilities have been entirely renovated and techniques adapted to the most recent vineyard management and winemaking : a process testifying the necessary passion to the elaboration of a Grand Vin de Bordeaux.