guillemet_02 guillemet_01The terroir at Grand Mouëys is a unique complex consisting of clay and gravel soils, in one single piece. Our three hills, the elevation of our vineyard are quality factors.

Nothing is flat and boring at Grand Moueys.


White wine

Our blocks are located on white sandy clay areas. These filtering soils significantly reduces the risk of rot and allows a particularly interesting aroma, especially with Sauvignon.

Red wine

Our blocks are located on hills with some steep slopes. The exhibition is ideal and achieves phenolic maturity as desired. The clay and gravelly soils allow good water supply of the vine.

technical details


Size of the estate : 160 hectares
Size of the vineyard : 54 hectares
Vines : Red White
Size :
44 Ha 10 Ha
Varieties : Merlot 64 % Sauvignon 44 %
Cabernet-Sauvignon 29 % Sémillon 42 %
Cabernet-Franc 7 % Muscadelle 14 %
Density :
5000-6500 plants / ha 5000 plants / ha
Type of soils : Clay and gravels “Boulbène” and gravels
Gravels and Limestone Clay and limestone
Orientation : South and south west


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