guillemet_02 guillemet_01At Château du Grand Mouëys, the terroir is a harmonious blend of microclimate, mineral-rich clay-gravel soils, and rolling hills that rise to the elevation where our vines are grown. Each aspect contributes to the quality of the grapes.

White wine

Our white wine plots are nestled on sandy-clay-limestone plateaus. These soils greatly minimize the risk of rot and contribute to a particularly fresh aromatic profile, especially in Sauvignon Blanc.

Red wine

Our red wine plots are situated on south or south-west faced hill sides with sometimes steep slopes, providing the ideal exposure for reaching phenolic maturity. The clay-gravel soils allow for proper hydration and fully maturation of our vines.

technical details

Size of the estate : 170 hectares
Size of the vineyard : 50 hectares
Vines : Red White
Size :
41 Ha 9 Ha
Varieties : Merlot 69 % Sauvignon 60 %
Cabernet-Sauvignon 29 % Sémillon 40 %
Malbec 2 %
Density :
5000-6500 plants / ha 5000 plants / ha
Type of soils : Clay and gravels “Boulbène” and gravels
Gravels and Limestone Clay and limestone
Orientation : South and south west


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